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Hypocrisy, we are all hypocrites. However, what distinguishes one hypocritical person from another are two things. One, the level of hypocrisy. Two, the way you explain yourself and your actions.

Recently, many countries have been critical of Bahrain’s actions, especially with regards to Abdulhadi AlKhawaja, who is currently standing trial for a coup d’état attempt. I won’t go much into unnecessary details regarding his case, but will just try to simplify things for you all. Really, it is not very complicated to understand everything that Bahrain is currently going through.

First, allow me to dip myself into hypocrisy, then I will touch upon how a country goes by explaining its actions. As I have mentioned, what distinguishes one country from another is the level of hypocrisy, not whether one country does what it preaches. We all tend to sometimes do what we tell others not to do. For example…

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