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`Erfan Ehsani sentenced: one year


HRANA, July 22

`Erfan Ehsani ( عرفان احسانی ), a Bahai of Sangesar in Iran’s Semnan province, has been sentenced to one year in prison. He was arrested on April 21 this year, and held for some time before being released on bail. He was tried in Semnan on May 27, on charges of propaganda against the regime and teaching the Bahai Faith. His wife, Taraneh Torabi ( ترانه ترابی ) has also been sentenced to 20 months in prison. They have a child, aged one month.


Chris Duffel

‎”Christianity is always out of fashion because it is always sane; and all fashions are mild insanities. When Italy is mad on art the Church seems too Puritanical when England is mad on Puritanism the Church seems too artistic. When you quarrel with us now you class us with kingship and despotism; but when you quarrelled with us first it was because we would not accept the divine despotism of Henry VIII. The Church always seems to be behind the times, when it is really beyond the times; it is waiting till the last fad shall have seen its last summer. It keeps the key of a permanent virtue.” G. K. Chesterton (emphasis mine)


Can the pillar and foundation of truth really be behind the times? My crystal ball says no.

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