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Was it funny? Was it embarrassing? Was it a secret plot to sabotage Mitt Romney’s election bid? No matter how you cut it, Clint Eastwood’s rambling speech at the Republican National Convention was pure Twitter gold.

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جهان زن

جهان زن ـ هیلا صدیقی در پاسخی روشن و دقیق به مهدی خزعلی دلایل سکوت خود را بر شمرده است. نوشته ی او نگاه نسلی است که باید نسل امیدش نامید. اما در این پاسخ، نکته ای هست که خوب است از کنار آن به راحتی نگذریم. هیلا می نویسد”شايد به همين خاطر بود كه هيچ گاه آرزوي براندازي و انقلاب در سر نداشتيم . چرا كه اصل براندازي ايده آل ما نبود .

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Women in Revolt

“A typical product of a military upbringing Rosie/Roger Palmer gender-oscillates on a 6-monthly basis. A hoarder of musical instruments is a disciple of the Bert Weedon Play-in-a-Day Method and is happy to bore the pants of you about the Herstory of Bigsby Vibrato systems.

Rosie’s dress is ALWAYS in the best possible taste.”

Born in Middlesbrough, Sadie is the heart and mind of the band, bringing a trash aesthetic that is unmatched in the Tyne, Wear or Tees deltas.

Doctor of Feline Psychiatry by day, she has been bitten by a bat. Known as the Tits of Death, by those who’ve seen her naked.

Born on the banks of the River Tyne and raised by magpies, Mitch fashioned her first drum kit out of floating oil cans and the bonnet of a Citroen 2CV.

She likes sleeping, biscuits, hitting things with sticks…

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CNN Political Ticker

Tampa, Florida (CNN) — Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus suggested Friday that the big three television networks were declining to broadcast portions of next week’s GOP convention out of political bias.

Priebus specifically questioned the decision by the broadcast networks to not show any GOP Convention programming on Monday evening, when Ann Romney is supposed to speak.

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“Give us water or we will take you down” was the unceremonious welcoming General Aziz got today in Magta Lahjar (Brakna Province.) What was supposed to be another on-demand carnival tour of the Brakna province by Aziz’s loyalists, ended up with the strongman reduced to delivering a short speech on top of a car amidst “we want water” chants.

Magta Lahjar, like other towns in the country, saw a rash of protests over the government’s failure to provide drinking water, or basic services. For instance, Aziz was greeted with a wave of protests in Aleg (Brakna’s capital) culminating in arrests and beatings of the youth, many of them members of the UFP and Tawassul opposition parties.

Magta Lahjar’s protesters did not fair any better today; over 30 remain under lock. some were preemptively arrested earlier in the day after anti-regime slogans appeared on walls in the town.

The scene…

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Graphic courtesy of @tibettruth

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